A Few Words About Us

Chris Fotache CYNET.ai
Artificial Intelligence Research

Our main focus is on researching technologies to make computers smarter. We write machine learning software that learn from the environment or from past experience, so they can help humans be more productive.

By building and training neural networks, we're enhancing the "brains" of our computers, so they can see the world as we see it, and they can draw logical conclusions in a human-like way.

Our History

Chris Fotache founds Jersey Media Network, a software and web development company building complex data-centric application.

Chris and his partners get started in the field of robotics. Their first creations are based on embedded Raspberry Pi boards, and can sense the environment through cameras and range sensors. They achieve promising results in path planning, localization and mapping.

As the idea of CYNET.ai, a dedicated artificial intelligence and robotics company, emerges, Chris and his associates build their first drone, a first step towards completely autonomous UAVs.

CYNET.ai is created, focusing on exponential technologies like AI research, machine learning, computer vision, neural networks, deep learning and more.


Helping computers learn

We want to make computers learn - from their human companions, from the Internet or from observing the world. We beileve that by learning side by side with us, the machines can assist us make new discoveries and enhance our productivity much faster. Here are some of our immediate goals:

  • Fully autonomous drones
  • Self-driving vehicles
  • Aerial mapping and imaging
  • Intelligent surveillance cameras
  • Visual-based localization and navigation
  • Stock market predictions

Whether it's linear regression, k-means clustering, ensemble learning or deep neural networks, we can choose the right machine learning algorithm for each task!

Meet Our Machines


This was our very first robot, based on a Raspberry Pi. It implemented our first attempts at computer vision, localization and navigation.

Lego Mindstorms Robot
EV3 Mindstorms

Built with Legos and a Debian OS, it's loaded with sensors and actuators, a fun engineering project that can encourage kids to study robotics.

Autonomous Drone UAV

Our first drone built from scratch, equipped with a Pixhawk autopilot and a Raspberry Pi controller. Still a work in progress.

Nvidia GPU
Nvidia GPU

To run our convolutional neural networks and the deep learning tasks, we use powerful machines powered state-of-the-art Nvidia GPUs.

Our Vision

  • Research

    Our focus is on researching at the bleeding edge of exponential technologies in AI and robotics.

  • Develop

    Next we implement our findings into software that gets tangible results from our research.

  • Build

    Finally, we build the robots, drones and other machines that augment the software in the real world.


Technology Consulting

As a startup business, we're ready to offer our services to other companies that are looking to expand and improve their products.

  • Software engineering
  • Artificial intelligence guidance
  • Machine learning consulting
  • Computer vision applications
  • Robotics development
  • Mobile phone apps


"I looked at Chris' research into neural networks and there's great promise there. I'm looking forward to the next big things that are going to come out of his new company."

Paul Giura, PhD (AT&T)

"I had the opportunity to test the CYNET One drone and I was impressed. Incredible job reverse engineering a commercial UAV, it was very stable in flight and with its size it's very powerful."

David Guardia (Commvault)

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