How far away are we really from artificial intelligence?

How far are we from real Artificial Intelligence

Recently, CYNET founder Chris Fotache and IBM Watson executive Karen Lomas talked to TechNative.IO about the future of AI, and how likely we are to have a real artificial intelligence any time soon. TechNative started out by describing the current thinking about the evolution of AI, Moore's Law and Kurzweil's Singularity. Both Fotache and Lomas agreed that general-use AI is still far away.

“I don’t see the “danger” or a super-human AI coming too soon. We might be years (or decades?) away from an AGI (artificial general intelligence – an AI that can “think” on more that one subject), but that would still be nothing like human-like intelligence.” notes Chris Fotache, founder and CEO of AI research company CYNET.

"While many computing and logic operations have been reproduced by computer algorithms, cognitive reasoning can’t even be explained by current neuroscience, and without reason, we can’t speak of human-like AI."

“Through the luck of evolution, a super-powerful AI might get to that, but I think that would be more about intelligent design than evolution,” adds Fotache. "Our software designers don’t even know how humans acquired those capabilities, making it impossible to program it into a computer."

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