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How far are we from Artificial Intelligence
How far are we from real AI?

CYNET founder Chris Fotache and IBM Watson executive Karen Lomas talked to TechNative.IO about the future of AI, and how likely we are to have a real artificial intelligence any time soon.

Aerial Video Drone
Land features detection

We trained the Inception convolutional network model to classify thousands of aerial images. Then by running inference on the neural model, we can accurately detecting the land features below the drone.

Autonomous Drone UAV
Building CYNET One

An overview of the hardware part of building our first drone. From choosing the frame and motors, to the Pixhawk autopilot and then adding a Raspberry Pi to run the controller software.

SLAM Lidar Python
SLAM on a budget

This is how we were able to run SLAM (simultaneous localization an mapping) for a drone or robot, using just a cheap $150 Lidar unit, and Python libraries. Great results with very good speed!

There is no try

It's do, or do not. And for us, there's nothing we can't do.
Everytime we hear something is impossible, we take it as a challenge.

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Projects in Progress

Smart Surveillance Camera
Smart surveillance camera

Using just a basic camera, we're trying to get information on what's happening in front of the house. A simple convolutional neural network will tell us what's out there (look, a car! a child! someone on the porch!), but adding k-NN over dynamic time warping will tell us what's happening (like "wife came home", or "children are playing in the frontyard", or "someone's walking up to the door").

Stock Market predictions
Stock market predictions

A very simple task - look at past stock performance, and try to predict where it will go tomorrow. But by adding deep learning features, like LSTM and RNN, we believe we can get much more accurate forecasts. That, plus the feature selection, which include not just the particular stock, but many other financial indicators.

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